Promotion Ideas: Smart marketing examples you should study! (Part 2)

In my last article (, I shared several smart promotion ideas and marketing examples that illustrate the concept of “personal correspondence” and its value for using in your marketing.

I also created an episode of CopyDoodles TV (, where I show several additional promotion ideas and examples of “the lost art of personal correspondence” and its ability to connect with people in this day and age of plain-vanilla, everything looks the same marketing.

I wanted to share one additional example of smart promotion ideas and marketing with you in today’s article.  Again, it’s from a recent automotive industry mailing I received.

Promotion ideas you can pull from this marketing piece:

As you can see it was sent via DHL Global Mail, which practically guarantees its going to get opened.  While it doesn’t quite have the impact of Federal Express or even Priority Mail in my opinion, this format has a higher level of significance and impact than an ordinary envelope.

This was also a “blind mailing” meaning I could not tell who it came from, which probably increased readership in this specific case.

Once I opened it, I was greeted by a unique letter that included a personalized “Trade Appraisal” certificate at the top complete with my name and car model in a blue handwritten font.

Promotion Ideas I would add to this marketing piece:

While this letter tends to be much better than 90% of the direct mail I receive, there are three things I would have done to make it even better (so make sure to write down these promotion ideas).

The first would have been to explain why the letter was being sent via DHL and why time was of the essence.  They tell part of this story by explaining the “market demand story” (which is pretty good), but could have created more urgency.

I would also have added some type of CopyStamp to create another visual eye-magnet and to reinforce the urgency.  Creating these simulated rubber stamps is a breeze in the CopyDoodles Access Club.

And finally, I would increase the correct use of “copy cosmetics” to make this letter a bit more readable.  Copy cosmetics are design techniques to make your copy easier to read (and if it’s easier to read, response should go up).

Unfortunately most marketers and business owners don’t understand the right ways to apply copy cosmetics, which is why I created my one-of-a-kind Copy Boosting Profit Secrets course, which I am putting on sale for the next few days (the discount will be applied at checkout).

In this unique three-part course, I show you how to not only write BETTER copy, but how to use copy cosmetics effectively.  Plus there is a bonus session with master copywriter, Bill Glazer on the topic of “The Psychology of Writing Copy That Sells.”

Knowing how to write good sales copy is critically important for every marketer and knowing how to make it look right is equally important!  If you’re looking to get more response from your copy and better promotion ideas, you definitely want to invest in my Copy Boosting Profit Secrets!

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  1. Mark Madere on September 1, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Mike – great info as always. Whenever I see an e-mail from you in my In-Box – it gets opened first!

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