Yellow Printable Sticky Notes Get Attention!

I love easy and effective marketing ideas and in this article I want to share one that has worked for me (and others) over the years and is a super-simple way to get attention easily and without a lot of expense.

It’s the yellow printable sticky note which you can print in your office on your own laser printer. These easy-to-personalize notes are designed to look like the ubiquitous 3M Post-it® note. By adding them to your offline marketing efforts, you have an effective and simple way to get attention because we are conditioned to look at these types of yellow notes.

Typically, I like adding a printable sticky note to a mailing I am doing and if it’s a multi-page letter putting them right on the front page so they have to be removed to read the letter. Remember, the more you can get somebody to notice your marketing and interact with it, the higher your response will be.


However, the most unique use example I’ve seen was while staying at a hotel during a recent softball tournament for my daughter. These two pre-printed sticky notes were placed on the bed, letting us know everything was clean and fresh. Neat idea!


I’ve used the yellow printable sticky note for years and they make creating attention-grabbing notes a breeze. What I like most about them is the ability to create personalized notes to every recipient using the Mail Merge feature to create a one-of-a-kind attention-device that is sure to stand out and get read! This means you can stick a personalized sticky note to “Jane” or “Steve” or whoever you’re sending it to right from your own office – in minutes!


You can also add CopyDoodles® to these yellow sticky notes for a unique hand-crafted look.


Years ago, 3M used to make a laser-compatible sticky note you can run on your office printers, but they have discontinued them. The only place I know where you can get something similar is Flaire Print Communications, Inc. and specifically this page on their web site.


Reach out to Mark Kuzma ( at 866.428.9611 and let him know you heard about them from my site and you can get a 10% discount. This is not an affiliate deal or any type of kick-back – just letting you know about a company I’ve had a good experience with.

If you’ve used these in the past, let me know below or send me an example image and I may update this article with your example!

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  1. Rebecca on August 12, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    I love the printable yellow sticky notes! I’ve used them before with success and recommend anyone with an upcoming mailing to include them in the package. They’re great attention grabbers!

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