Is the Customer Always Right?


We’re all familiar with the old maxim, “The customer is always right.” As business owners it’s been drilled into our heads since the first day we started our business. If you research it, you’ll see it attributed to the founder of England’s Selfridge Department Stores, Harry Gordon Selfridge way back in 1909.  On face value,…

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7 Smart Ways to Use CopyDoodles on Webinars


A smart way to add bottom-line sales and more unique and credibility-boosting value to your business is by using CopyDoodles on your webinars. Personally, I am a huge fan of webinars and over the year’s I’ve hosted hundreds of webinars. Some that were informational and free, some that sold a product and some that required…

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Power of the Master Mind Group

If I could share one and only one success secret with an entrepreneur who was truly interested in reaching the highest levels of success, it would be this… TAP INTO THE POWER OF A MASTER MIND GROUP! In his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill tells us how Henry Ford overcame some big handicaps…

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