Get Attention with Advertorials


“It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement, and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look, and read.”  – David Ogilvy I always appreciate the business owner who “gets it” when it comes to marketing.  Especially a local business owner, who’s in the game every…

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28 Types of Pictures for Effective Marketing and Advertising


In the April 2013 issue of my print newsletter, SMART Ideas, I focused the entire issue on the power and use of pictures in your marketing to get attention and make sales.  The correct use of pictures is often an under-utilized, but extremely important topic for smart marketers. In this article, I’m going to give…

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Marketing with PURLs (part 3 of 3)


In part 1 of this article ( I gave you some background on why marketing with PURLs is a smart technique for all businesses.  In part 2 (, I showed several types of marketing campaigns that can effectively use PURLs to increase response. In this last article, I’m going to share a few additional types…

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Marketing Examples: What you should be doing in your business


I receive a lot of marketing examples on a daily basis in my mailbox and via email. Most marketing examples I receive are lacking in simple copy cosmetics and direct marketing techniques that would definitely improve response. Recently one of the direct mail marketing examples< I received stood out beyond the rest of my mail…

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How to Get More Business From Your Business Card Layouts!


It’s a fact that almost every business owner and entrepreneur uses a business card as part of their marketing arsenal. The typical business card is the most ubiquitous 7 square inches of marketing in the entire world – yet it’s also a fact that 98% of business card layouts stink when it comes to doing…

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Is Your Copywriting & Direct Marketing Readable?


When sitting down to write the copy for letter, web site, postcard or any direct marketing media, most marketers focus 100% of their attention on the words they are writing. Without a doubt, the written message is ultimately critical for achieving high response rates, however HOW YOUR COPY LOOKS is also important for achieving the…

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