Is Your Copywriting & Direct Marketing Readable?

When sitting down to write the copy for letter, web site, postcard or any direct marketing media, most marketers focus 100% of their attention on the words they are writing. Without a doubt, the written message is ultimately critical for achieving high response rates, however HOW YOUR COPY LOOKS is also important for achieving the…

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8 Exciting, New Ways I Can Help You Improve Your Marketing!

As 2010 winds down, the smart entrepreneur automatically starts thinking about starting off 2011 with new and powerful initiatives.  I myself have spent a number of hours recently with my team thinking about creating even more value for my customers and clients. This is a question you should be pondering too.  How can you create…

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A Wise Lesson From Napoleon Hill

Mike Capuzzi Dan Kennedy

Last week I was in Cleveland, Ohio as a guest of world-famous copywriter Dan Kennedy for his Business of Copywriting Academy.  Dan asked me to speak on the topic of copy cosmetics and how copywriters can increase their value to clients by learning how to improve response with copy cosmetics (“copy cosmetics” are timeless design…

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